Rejuvx 30 Day Starter Kit

Rejuvx 30 Day Starter Kit


The Rejuvx 30 day starter kit, the Ideal way to start using the Rejuvx system.
Containing the 3 main product from the Rejuvx range, Revitalising cleanser, Nutrient treatment and Herbal Ice conditioner all in great value 4 oz sizes. This kit is roughly 30 days supply, lasting longer on shorter hair.
The easy way to give your hair the boost it needs.
For hair that is has more advanced thinning we recomend that you use this kit with Intense Booster


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Revitalising Cleanser:

Revitalising cleanser, the “must have” product in the Rejuvx range. By using Rejuvx Revitalising shampoo for fine hair and hair loss you have the perfect defense against fine and thinning hair. An all natural, aloe vera based shampoo for every hair type, with no coloring or fragrance to compromise the superb botanical formulation.
Revitalising cleanser is a deep, detoxifying shampoo, which leaves the scalp invigorated and greatly increases blood flow to the hairs root. Specially formulated for weak and thinning hair.
Creates the best possible environment for healthy hair growth.

Herbal Ice scalp and hair conditioner:

Herbal Ice scalp and hair conditioner is an all-natural, aloe-based conditioner ideal for every hair type.
Cold processed with no artificial coloring or fragrance to compromise botanical formulation.
Deeply moisturizes and soothes even the most damaged hair and scalp. Relieves tight or dry scalps imparts moisure rich nutrients and aloe vera.

Nutrient treatment:

Nutrient Treatment is an all-natural aloe-based leave-in scalp treatment for healthy scalp and hair.
Appropriate for everyone, Nutrient treatment is a 5 second way to massivelly increase the blood flow to the root of the hair. The equivellent of a 1/2 hour head massage in 5 seconds